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Information for spectators

The organisation reserves the right to modify any event or activity from the Fair program.

  1. Under no circumstances it will be allowed to access to shows once they have started.
  2. Out of respect for the artist and the public, mobile phones and alarm watches should be switched off during performances.
  3. Photos with flash or video recording are not allowed.
  4. In case of rain, there is an alternative program to the street shows.
  5. Theatre tickets are not numbered.
  6. If there is availability, one hour before the show, tickets will be sold at the box office where the show is performed.
  7. Tickets previously booked have to be collected 30 minutes before shows start otherwise there will be put up on sale without further notice.
  8. Members of the Spectators Association of the Puppet centre will have discounts only if they book in the Puppet Centre office before the 17th April. They are not entitled to any discount if they purchase the ticket at any box office. 
  9. Acquisitions of free tickets with the Super 3 Club card are only available at the box office one hour before the show. No tickets can be booked and it cannot guarantee tickets' availability.
  10. It is possible to obtain  a 15 % discount voucher which can be ¡ exchanged  for payment tickets from the Fair making a blood donation from  14th April to  3thMarch in  Arnau de Vilanova Hospital or in the bus placed during the Fair at the Comedies Square.
  11. Entrance in IEI's Pati is limited, only public wearing a previously given sticker will be able to access. The sticker will be facilitated one hour before the beginning of the show at the gate itself and in exchange of long term food such pulses, tinned fish, cooking oil or milk.  
  12. Submitting any ticket, people over 16, will be able to access for free to La Boîte, during the Fair.
  13. Tickets for the show Titelles del  Tapís de Mestra that wil take place in La Seu Vella, will be sold  at the performance area one hour before the show starts.
  14. All children over 1 year must have a ticket because it is not allowed to sit on their parents lap. Remember that shows have been selected for them. For the show "Pinxit" of the Baychismo company, the kids over six months have to pay because this show is for them.         
  15. It is not allowed to sell tickets to anyone  under 16 for the performances in Cafè Teatre Escorxador and la Boîte.
  16. Babies' pushchairs should be placed in the hall where the performance takes place. The festival organization does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to material caused during the performance.
  17. Authorised people as programmers or companies will have access to the theatre with the consent of the doorkeeper.